Virtual Property Plus

The most comprehensive end to end solution for property industry

What is vCloudProperty+

vCloudProperty+, a comprehensive and integrated cloud-based system for a variety of property types, including residences, offices, retail malls, industrial estates, mixed-use complexes, and so on. All property-related company processes, such as property management, real estate management, building management, procurement management, and financial accounting management, are addressed by vCloudProperty+ solutions. vCloudProperty+’s modules and features are based on the highest business standards in the real estate industry.

Benefits of vCloudProperty+


vCloudProperty+ has been established in line with the highest business standards and may be modified based on client requirements; also, vCloudProperty+ was created in compliance with Indonesian government rules / regulations.


Within a corporation, vCloudProperty+ can be utilized without any user requirements.


Client support services are provided by a specialized support staff.

Cloud Based Technology

vCloudProperty+ may be accessible from a variety of devices thanks to cloud-based technologies (notebooks, smartphones, tablets, etc.).