At Apro Global Solusi, our services enable you to operate in a more sustainable manner

PT. Apro Global Solusi (AGS) is an Information technology company that helps customers achieve their business goals by providing best-in-class consulting, IT solutions and services such as SAP Manage Services Applications, PSAK Solutions, IT Infrastructure, Communications, and Collaboration Multimedia.


We deliver transactional services, consulting, and technology services, system integration and managed services.

At AGS, our services enable you to operate in a more sustainable manner by improving quality and productivity, reducing risk, and increasing speed to market.

Covering all aspects on business and operational processes, we provide IT solutions that really make a difference.

With a reputation for resourceful and comprehensive solutions, we grow exponentially by offering you an unequalled IT services that you can truly rely on to make our company goals a reality.

A continuous learning for our team of experts

As well as delivering IT services that promote sustainable profitability, our values also show a commitment to our people development- a continuous learning for our team of experts, thus assuring you.

To provide the best integrated IT solutions to meet customers specific requirements.

Customer delight is always our goal.

Customer delight is always our goal. To be able to meet and exceed their expectations we believe that we need to always strive to:

  • Develop our people
  • Implement optimum utilization of resources
  • Maintain integrity
  • Build partnership with our stakeholders and at anytime be resourceful

These values us in all that we do and are the bedrock upon which our organization is built


Our portfolio of digital solutions – in partnership with our world-class strategic partners – enable us to give our people, clients and communities the power to do more. 

Hamilton ifrs16


AGS has become an official partner with Hamilton’s for IFRS 16/17 (PSAK 72/73) solutions, which have now become the accounting standard for all companies in Indonesia.