A continuous learning for our team of experts

AGS provides SAP consulting services based on improved techniques and innovation, resulting in a confluence of cutting-edge technology and extensive expertise. The breadth of our expertise, project execution, and problem-solving abilities are our USPs. Our SAP Consulting Services are dedicated to delivering high-quality SAP solutions.

SAP Implementation

AGS has been helping client from a variety of industries, to implement the SAP solutions in the most efficient manner without compromising quality. This can be achieved by appropriately regulating the appointment of the issues, processes and technology in the right balance.

SAP Solutions Optimization

By getting to know you and your business we can assist you to identify and deliver the SAP solutions needed to build a sustainable, integrated landscape to support your business and its progression.

Through working closely with your project team, and with our i-depth knowledge of SAP applications and solutions, we provide assurance that we not only understand your business and future aspirations, but also that our recommendations will assist you in building the new competencies needed while generating significant, distinguishable business result

SAP Data Solution

Our Solution and strategy services is the first step towards gaining an understanding of how your business is run, where you are now, and where you want to be. We assist with planning a strategy and roadmap to get you from the start line and over the finish line, inn a method customized to align with your business culture, structure and data management maturity level

SAP Upgrade

We offer full range of services you need to complete a rapid, cost-effective solution upgrade


AGS helps you to evaluate your current situation and determine your future needs. Our consulting shall review the scope of your upgrade project, estimate costs, and build a solid business case.


AGS works with you to plan a smooth and effective upgrade for you to prepare tools and processes in place before the upgrade even begins.


AGS, support reduce costs and mitigate project risks by offering an upgrade coach through Managed Services.